Mollie S. Burke

Bills can transform our state’s transportation

New legislation won’t bring back the winters we remember, and it won’t stop us from having to plan for harsh climate consequences. But it makes progress — and it could move other states to action.

April arrives. Sugaring is over, at least in southern Vermont. Winter is a dim memory; predicted snow failed to arrive, and rains were common.

As a winter lover, I remember the snows we used to have. Faulty memory? Embellishment of the past? I think not. Studies and statistics confirm my memories.

The Vermont Climate Assessment is a study put out by the Gund Institute for Environment at the University of Vermont in 2021. It found that many customs and hallmarks of life in our state are being impacted by climate change. Prominent among them are sugaring, skiing, and long winters.

These are not only hallmarks of our culture; climate change will impact an economy dependent on winter recreation and the maple industry.

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Burke thanks constituents for election victory

Thank you to voters in the Windham-2-2 district for re-electing me to serve as your representative in the Vermont House. I am grateful for your support and for the trust you have placed in me. During this election season, I have missed meeting you in person. I've missed talking...

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Thanks to voters in Windham-2-2 district

Thank you to all the voters of Brattleboro District 2 who voted in the Aug. 11 primary election, and to those who voted to support me as their representative in Montpelier for the coming term. In the midst of this pandemic, so many of you exercised your right to...

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Let’s mobilize to reduce transportation-related emissions

Summer is in full swing in Vermont. Gardens are planted. Farmers are making hay. Neighbors, families, and friends gather for barbecues and head to swimming holes and rivers. Light lingers in the long twilights of our northern latitude. The green of the Green Mountain State seems especially intense this year, thanks to early rains and a recent rash of sun-filled days. It's easy to feel a sense of contentment and ease. And yet, beneath the surface of this paradise, or...

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Thanks to Windham-2-2 voters

I am grateful to the voters of District 2 in Brattleboro for once again electing me to represent you in the Vermont Legislature. It is truly a privilege to do so. I want to thank you for getting to the polls in such high numbers. Many voted early, and others on Election Day. The citizen engagement was wonderful to witness. I want to thank my campaign “buddies” who walked the streets and knocked on doors with me. It was such...

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We can lead by example

I have read, followed, and listened in person to Bill McKibben for quite a number of years. For a very long time he was one of a few voices speaking out on this issue. I particularly remember a time, perhaps in 2005 - 13 years ago! - when Bill spoke in Putney about the fact that we had maybe 10 years to change course. As we all know, we have not been able to do that in any significant way...

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Vermont must join fight against climate change

In early March, bare ground showed through patches of snow. February days were too warm, with a number of snowstorms ending with rain here in the Connecticut River valley. More recently, Nor'easters have redeemed the season to some extent. As an avid Nordic skier I welcome a bit more winter, but lament the lack of its reliability, becoming reliably jumbled and erratic. Swings of temperature are now the norm. This year, I missed the quiet and calm of a deep...

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Burke thanks constituents for victory

I thank the voters of District 2 in Brattleboro for re-electing me to serve as their representative in the Vermont House. I look forward to returning to Montpelier and continuing the work I have been doing on behalf of constituents for the past eight years. I greatly appreciate the support of the Democratic and Progressive parties, and in particular the inspiring young women, Grace Blackburn and Laila Audi, who ran the Democratic field office, knocked on many doors, and made...

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