Carl Rifino

Writer also votes the convictions of his conscience

I have always been an independent who has voted for Republican, Democratic, and third-party candidates in federal, state, and local elections since my first ballot was cast in 1970. And under no circumstances am I voting for Donald Trump.

While I don't agree with everything Steve West posits, I, too, have been told the six things he outlines in his very first paragraph.

I, too, have been told that the country cannot afford for me to vote the convictions of my conscience. I, too, have been vilified by folks who would rather me not go to the polls at all than vote for someone other than Hillary Clinton.

Indeed, if Mr. West “detests” her policies, character, and likely governing style, then my feelings toward the same qualities go far beyond loathing and despising; “abhorrent” is too gentle a description.

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