Daniel Quipp

Selectboard member will vote 'no' on mayor question

The current system of an elected Selectboard comprised of five town residents, a professional town manager who runs daily municipal operations, and Representative Town Meeting provides for a great deal of public involvement and professionalism. Why change that?

Our town manager is doing a wonderful job! What happens to him with a mayor?

A mayoral system creates more executive power. Why would this be good for Brattleboro?

A mayor who would also be expected to run the town would make this formerly politically neutral position into something ideological and build in instability. Why would this make things better?...

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Why the ‘climate guy’ voted against a climate statement

The proposed Declaration of Climate Emergency asked the town to make a statement about an urgent crisis, writes a member of the Brattleboro Selectboard. The other three parts of the proposal raised some issues.

At a recent Selectboard meeting, I tried to be very clear about why I chose not to vote in favor of the Declaration of Climate Emergency. Most likely some of you who voted for me in March as “the climate guy” might have found my vote surprising. Let me...

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Holding everyone to the same standards

These are your standards for online comments. I wish that the open letter published today was held to the same standard: “Editor's note: Our terms of service require you to use your real names. We will remove anonymous or pseudonymous comments that come to our attention. We rely on...

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Sending a message for an energy-independent future for Brattleboro

On Tuesday, March 6, Brattleboro's voters (along with nearly 40 towns throughout the state) will get to vote on a climate-action resolution brought forward by 350 Brattleboro, a local group of 350 Vermont, a climate justice organization. Local volunteers spent much of December and January having conversations with people in the town to gather the 450 petition signatures required to get the article on the ballot. The advisory resolution aims to do two things: tell our state legislators to make...

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My duty as a citizen

Brattleboro Selectboard member Tim Wessel's letter about a petition to end the municipal use of heating oil made some fair points about the current Selectboard's use of funds to replace the oil boiler in the Transportation Center and the development of a solar array on the Windham Solid Waste Management District landfill site. I absolutely appreciate those first steps towards a better, cleaner Brattleboro. As the person who started the petition, I want to share why I chose to participate...

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We must confront climate change and demand that government do, too

On Oct 20, environmental activists and concerned citizens from across the state joined at Geprags Park in Hinesburg to protest the fracked-gas pipeline that is being constructed by Vermont Gas through Addison County. Across the country, battles are being waged against the development of fossil-fuel infrastructure. Some of these fights have drawn huge numbers of people; others are being enacted by small groups of brave citizens. Even though I wasn't able to join the folks in Hinesburg, I pledge my...

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Challenge yourself to stop driving to work

Vermonters are invited to take part in the Way to Go Challenge (waytogovt.org) between Sept. 26 and Oct. 7. The goal of the challenge is to reduce carbon pollution in the state by making responsible choices in our commuting and daily travel. Living and working in downtown Brattleboro, I'm lucky to be able to walk or cycle the mile to my job. A leisurely stroll takes about 20 minutes, and cycling gets me there in just under five. Were I...

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