John Field

Urging Balint to support ceasefire resolution

Rep. Balint, how will we hold onto our humanity?

Even Sen. Durbin of Illinois recognizes that a ceasefire is what President Biden must demand. Will any of us be able to look ourselves in the mirror, knowing that "evil will prevail if good people say nothing"?

Failing to call for a comprehensive ceasefire - not a meaningless "humanitarian pause" - will guarantee the continuation of the killing of innocents. How can we answer our children's questions about why we refused to call for a ceasefire, why we refused to take real action to save the lives of the children of Israel and Palestine?

Sen. Durbin had the courage to change his mind; Rep. Balint, why can't you join him? Why can't you join your 18 House colleagues who have signed the Ceasefire Now Resolution?...

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Chute: qualified and passionate

I encourage Putney voters to cast their ballots for Aileen Chute for Selectboard. I volunteered with Aileen at the Putney Central School's After School Forest Program (which she now directs), and saw firsthand her dedication to our community's kids and families. She is thoughtful, patient, and solutions-based. But she...

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Kudos to the Putney road crew

I want to give a giant shout out to the Putney road crew! All of us who travel the gravel roads know that this has been one of the toughest mud seasons in the last 10 years. We've seen even high-clearance, four-wheel-drive vehicles get completely stuck in the mud...

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BMH whistleblower earns debt of public gratitude

Having worked for 10 years as a medical social worker at the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital (BMH) Comprehensive Care Clinic, I was devastated to learn that BMH has recently paid the federal and state Medicare and Medicaid programs $1.65 million to settle a federal lawsuit against the hospital for filing false billing claims. I first need to note that my hard-working colleagues at the Comprehensive Care Clinic and in the oncology department are incredibly knowledgeable, and experienced. They are some of...

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A broken promise

The governor's solemn pledge “to protect our most vulnerable citizens” convinced many Vermonters that Phil Scott had our backs. We Vermonters care deeply about our neighbors, and these words connected with people all across the state. But when the governor turned the tables on his own pledge and took aim at the very services that support our most vulnerable - as well as many other Vermonters - folks sat up and took notice. In just the past few weeks, Scott...

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Brattleboro and its little ways of love

There are lots of reasons to take a drive to Brattleboro on an oddly warm and beautiful November day. The town is a charismatic throwback to another time: people know one another, speak to one another, and seem to always be willing to talk to a stranger and brighten one another's day. I think it is special because so many people there practice little acts of love. Plus there are great thrift stores for my wife Maria to browse, and...

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