Jim Condos

‘We all want our elections to be secure, accessible, accurate, and fair’

As we watch new information emerge from the Jan. 6 Congressional hearings, one truth has been made crystal clear: Whether it's insurrection at the Capitol or violent threats against election officials, these acts are a consequence of a single insidious lie - that voter fraud altered the outcome of the 2020 general election.

Despite the complete lack of evidence, this lie has gripped certain groups in the electorate and is at the center of the divisiveness driving a wedge between Americans.

We see it every day on social media, where a lie can be shared and spread rapidly, reaching thousands if not millions of people, sometimes in a matter of minutes.

We all want our elections to be secure, accessible, accurate, and fair. Ensuring the accuracy of our elections is my No. 1 priority, and I hold steadfast faith in the integrity of our hardworking town and city clerks. The “voter fraud” lie is an insult to their diligent stewardship of Vermont elections, which are conducted on the local level.

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On Vermont elections in an era of COVID-19

‘No voter should have to choose between their health and their right to vote. We do have a safe, secure, and accessible solution available to us.’

Many of us love going to the polls on Election Day. Joining our friends, family, and neighbors in person to participate in the civic process is something I look forward to every election year. As Vermont's chief election official, it is my responsibility to ensure we can all safely...

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Open government is good government

Vermonters shouldn’t have to pay for access to inspect public records their government creates in the course of agency business

The start of the new year provides an opportunity to reflect, and set out our intentions for the months ahead. This year, I am asking all legislators to join me in committing to protect and expand access for Vermonters who are seeking access to public records. The bottom line...

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Undermining voter confidence undermines our democracy

Recent unsupported allegations and sensationalized reporting are sowing seeds of doubt about our democratic process. This doubt undermines voter confidence and calls into question whether all voices will be heard on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8. As Vermont's secretary of state and chief elections officer, a former state senator, a former city councilor, and a lifelong voter, I've been following our elections my entire adult life. I am frustrated by the careless way in which these stories attack our very...

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