Mindy Haskins Rogers

In candidates' forum, sentiments toward survivors misplaced and patronizing

Also signing this letter were Brandie Starr, of Brattleboro, and Diana Whitney, of Brattleboro.

In the recent WSESD candidates' forum, Kelly Young talks about empathy for survivors, and Tim Maciel says his "heart goes out" to them.

Brian Remer says that he hopes survivors will someday "build resilience."...

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When art and literature are grooming tactics

Accusations of censorship were a straw man in an arts community that protected an alleged abuser

Censorship. It's a word, an idea that ignites the ire of people who care about the arts. We all know censorship is bad - it's the stuff of fascists, or worse: of prudes and numbskulls. Rejecting censorship is righteous. It reveals a person's high-mindedness and sophistication. Defending artistic freedom...

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Self-protection should be the WSESD's last priority

In addressing the reverberations of grooming and abuse at Brattleboro Union High School over the years, the community needs transparency and accountability, not denial and the appearance of yet more secrecy

Since I published my Viewpoint in The Commons [“No more secrecy,” Voices, Aug. 11], detailing the various investigations into Robert “Zeke” Hecker's behavior with students over the years and the culture of complicity that gave him ongoing access to them, numerous other people have come forward with stories of...

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No more secrecy

When I was a student at Brattleboro Union High School in the 1980s, Robert (Zeke) Hecker did not sexually abuse me. I have come to feel fortunate. On several occasions between 1985 and 2018, local agencies and organizations investigated complaints that Hecker engaged in sexual contact with his underage students. None of the investigations were publicized, and I was unaware of the extent of the accusations until the fall of 2018. I have reviewed the police records, and will share...

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When the nice guys gaslight us

When supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump called the recording of him bragging about assaulting women “normal locker-room talk,” respectful, courteous men across the internet replied in unison, “That's not normal!” Even my husband joined in, telling me, “I've spent plenty of time in locker rooms, and I've never heard anybody brag about sexual assault.” To my husband and well-meaning friends: I get it. We should not accept this behavior as “normal.” But in your denial, you are unintentionally...

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