Linda Hay

What’s happening to Guilford political lawn signs?

I live on Route 5 in Guilford and recently the lawn signs for political candidates seem to have disappeared along most of the road!

Sara Coffey's team just put up theirs, with the property owner's permission, and I realized that not only were my signs for David Zuckerman and Becca Balint gone, no one else seemed to have theirs, either. Sara's recently installed signs are the only ones out there.

Has someone taken it upon themselves to remove such signs? Is it just signs for Democrats?

It makes me cranky that I will have to go out to get others to replace them. This isn't the way it should be in Vermont.

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Retired teachers: Don’t let the state replace your Medicare with Medicare Advantage

I am shocked by the Vermont treasurer's office trying to get the state's retired teachers to move to a Medicare Advantage plan. Anyone who has done research quickly discovers many disadvantages. Some years ago, I was trying to straighten out the finances of a naïve relative who had both...

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Industry-funded conservation group out to sabotage wind, not protect birds

Friends in Windham County, Do you know about the Koch Brothers and their friends in the oil and gas industries who are trying to use their billions to control political races and to influence public opinion and voters, all while hiding behind a smokescreen of nonprofit organizations set up...

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