Jane Katz Field, M.D.

We should all be 'eligible' for health care

The pandemic reminded us that our individual well-being is tied to the health and well-being of everyone else. As pandemic programs subside, Medicaid unwinding is removing millions from access to medical care.

A 7-year-old boy, in remission from leukemia and living in Florida, was unable to access potentially life-saving treatments because his insurance coverage was suddenly cut off. This is the face of the government's cruel cancellation of Medicaid coverage for millions of Americans.

What's behind this nightmare?

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated that it was actually possible to expand health care services and coverage to more individuals; all 50 states agreed to maintain Medicaid coverage for their beneficiaries in exchange for enhanced federal funds.

But now we're witnessing a bipartisan effort to take those gains back.

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Seniors, beware this poison pill

While Medicare Advantage, a.k.a. Medicare Part C, sounds like it’s part of traditional, nonprofit Medicare, it’s actually operated by commercial, for-profit insurance companies. These plans limit patient choice and access to care — and they aren’t saving taxpayers any money.

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period starts Oct. 15, which means people over 65 will be inundated with ads encouraging them to sign up for what's called “Medicare Advantage.” While Medicare Advantage (MA, also called “Medicare Part C”) sounds like it's part of traditional, nonprofit Medicare, it's actually operated by...

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Putney voters, send a message about universal health care

A government study shows Medicare for All can extend coverage to everyone and save $650 billion each year by 2030. It is the only way to control costs, achieve equity, and fairness, and improve outcomes.

Town Meeting is coming up, and Putney residents will have a chance to join the groundswell of support for a single-payer national health plan. Article 12 on the warrant calls on Sen. Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders and Rep. Peter Welch to work vigorously to enact emergency legislation to...

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Deen, Mrowicki support reasonable gun regulation

I have spent most of my working life trying to understand and address the health needs of children and their families. I've seen that legislation - laws such as paid sick leave for workers and extended access to reproductive health care - actually helps families and environmental concerns, such as clean air and water, matter for kids and families. These issues have been priorities for Mike Mrowicki and David Deen. I believe that some oversight of who can own a...

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