Chris Webb

Foley brings integrity to WRED

I support Mike Foley for the at-large seat on the West River Eduction District unified school board.

During his term, I have found Mike to be open, honest, thoughtful, and diligent when addressing issues banal and controversial within our district. He studies, asks questions, and comes to well-thought-out conclusions on the issues.

When the new unified board skirted some of the pre-merger promises made to our communities, such as the quick and drastic move of the sixth grades out of our elementary schools, Mike was among the few board members who took his constituents' concerns seriously.

Additionally, school choice is a popular issue in our district. He supports it and has voted for it.

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Thanks to school board rep for reflecting town’s will

Despite what was admitted to be a skeleton plan due to limited preparation time, a lack of conclusive data, and financials, and what was cited as a 10-to-1 negative response in the public comments, the West River Education District's unified board voted to pluck sixth graders out of Newbrook,

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WRMUED, honor the promises to voters

Prior to the votes in Windham, Brookline, Newfane, Jamaica, and Townshend, our Act 46 Study Committee explained to us in writing what a “yes” vote for unification would mean: • “Day-to-day operation of our schools will not change. They will continue to provide a high-quality education for our students.”

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Clinton takes climate change seriously

Hillary Clinton believes in climate change and on her website has a plan similar to Bernie Sanders', which addresses one of the gravest dangers to our well-being as a species. Donald Trump does not believe in climate change and would roll back progress from the past eight years if he gets the chance. That is the reason I will vote for Clinton in November. If we want to ensure the best possible scenario for climate change, I believe we have...

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Not a matter of if, but when

RE: “Local schools heighten security” [Jan. 30]: I am a teacher in a middle school, and we are training everyone to respond immediately to a lockdown signal, which means all kids get pulled into a room, doors are locked, lights turned out, and everyone made to remain quietly on the floor. The local police and sheriff promise to be there within eight minutes to handle the intruder. It is the only responsible thing to do to keep our kids safe.

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