Pat Sheehan

A prerequisite

Hey, Tim Grant - one question: Do you have a uterus?


Well, unless you think it'd be A-OK for your government to legislate your testicles and what you can and cannot do with your sperm, I think you're best off sitting this one out.


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What about a virtual inauguration, Joe and Kamala?

Regarding the Inauguration of President-Elect Biden and Vice-President-Elect Harris: Hey, Joe and Kamala, I have an idea. What would be amazing is if, instead of having a lavish and pricey and unsafe traditional inauguration, you had an understated, respectful, and dignified virtual ceremony, with plans for a special outdoor...

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Something you need to know about us snowflakes

Thank you, Wendy M. Levy, for so perfectly expressing my own feelings about not only Mr. Abbott's “plight,” but every Trump supporter who appears to have confused hate speech with free speech. I've had my fill of giant U.S. flags being waved in honor of a man who is...

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We can choose evil or defeat it together

Our way of life, our principles, and the most vulnerable people living here are under attack. The travesty that was last year's presidential election exposed not only the rampant bigotry and continued bitterness of the GOP, prompting them to put forward such an incompetent, hate-fueled monstrosity as their candidate, but also the petty, self-righteous bickering side of those who could have prevented the nightmare by standing as one against that monstrosity. Republicans, unless and until you face your self-made problem,

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Hate has no business in Brattleboro … right?

Recently, the downtown shop where I am employed received an email from Main Street Alliance, Vermont, with links to posters saying “Hate Has No Business Here” for businesses to display in their windows. We already had them, as some thoughtful person had dropped some off at least a month before the current election made this message even more urgent. I spend most of my weekends in the downtown area, and it's pretty noticeable that we are one of the few...

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