Connie Burton

‘Scandalous’ allegations in news story

I was very disappointed in the article written about the Feb. 17 meet-and-greet for the new Guilford Selectboard candidates.

To include the content of an email from Skye Morse, who alluded to Jason Herron, one of the candidates, as being linked to a white supremacist movement, was scandalous. What evidence do you have of the truth of that label? Absolutely none!

You owe Jason an apology.


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Latulippe King and Herron: the best interests of Guilford

I submit this letter in endorsement of Lynn Latulippe King and Jason Herron, candidates for Selectboard in Guilford. Both candidates are relatively new to the political scene, but they both love Guilford and feel strongly that the people need better representation in the governance of their town. Neither Lynn...

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Appalling lack of human decency

I am surprised, and not pleasantly so, that the editors of this paper found Patience Merriman's comments regarding “disruptive protest” to be worthy of space in The Commons. She speaks of Donald Trump as a “narcissistic bully” and of “the hateful agenda of the extreme right.” Do I detect...

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