Gail Haynes

How do we get at what we really want?

We have just experienced the season when many people focus on what they want and try to figure out what other loved ones want and need.

I often go back to the children's picture book Corduroy, about a stuffed bear in a department store who wanders around at night and says, ”I think I've always wanted” the various items he's discovered. But when a little girl comes into the store and sees him and wants to buy him he says, “I've always wanted a friend.” And he and the girl go on to have a good life together.

So how do we each go from the “wants” that are pushed at us through advertising to the things we really want?

Perhaps these things (that aren't just plastic things that break) include:...

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Pipeline is not compatible with humans having a good life

I was horrified in early September to hear of the destruction of cultural heritage sites in the United States and attacks on peaceful protestors. That was when the construction company started bulldozing burial grounds and historic sites of the Sioux in the path of the Dakota Access Pipeline. And...

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