Phillip Odegard

What would have happened if the mob were liberal activists?

There has been much speculation on what would have happened had a mob of Black Lives Matter activists invaded the capital demanding an end to this country's systemic and institutional racism and a more equitable nation.

Much of this speculation comes to the conclusion that a bloodbath would have been inevitable.

What might have happened had an unruly mob of liberal activists descended upon our “temple of Democracy,” demanding the resignation of the fascist enabler Mitch McConnell and his cadre of right-wing social Darwinist collaborators?

Had such a mob, spurred on by the likes of Bernie Sanders giving a speech outside of the capital, done what was done on Jan. 6, what would have been the outcome? Most certainly the final result would have been a bloodbath.

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In Windham County, a desperate need for new dental clinic

When my wife and I moved to Westminster West 20 years ago, one of the first tasks was find a dentist. This did not prove simple. After contacting several dentists who were not accepting new patients, we found one. After my second appointment, I was shown into a small...

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Twisting slowly in the wind

The election of Donald Trump and the right-wing majority frightens me. I fear a repressive government disinclined to perform the primary mandate of its sovereignty: to protect from harm those who live under its authority. I fear a government of ideologues whose inclination, which they make no attempt to...

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