Greenough Nowakoski

Help plant seeds for an anti-racist future with support of SUSU

I am making a significant gift to an remarkable local project of the Black and Indigenous led/owned SUSU commUNITY Farm.

They are more than halfway to their goal. Wouldn't it be incredible to fund them the whole way? Life is better for everybody when we invest in an equitable future.

So many of us care deeply. Just look at all the Black Lives Matter signs!

I have taken the next step of tangible support for Black leadership.

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A simple step to helping those imprisoned unjustly

It was hard to do. I had to try several times. But I met the goal, despite setbacks. I finally wrote two letters, with more to come. I wrote to our president on stylish pink stationery, and I wrote directly to Leonard Peltier. Using the guidance of Amnesty International's...

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