Lisa Kuneman

Some frequently asked questions about the Reproductive Liberty Amendment

With invented terms that are not ever used by the medical profession, opponents paint pregnant Vermonters as wholly unprincipled people who wait until a pregnancy has come to term, or close to it, to opt out

In a panel discussion following the recent viewing of Break the Silence: Reproductive and Sexual Health Stories by local filmmaker Willow O'Feral, viewers and panel participants discussed Article 22, a.k.a. the Reproductive Liberty Amendment, a.k.a. Proposal 5.

For so many reasons, it was very helpful to be in a room full of people who wanted to talk about it!

Here's my best attempt to describe the basics of the discussion as a list of frequently asked questions about this ballot question.

* * *...

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Harrison: cares about bread-and-butter issues and actually wants to do something about them

I met Wendy Harrison shortly after she moved to Brattleboro, and I'm so glad that I did. She was working for the Windham and Windsor Housing Trust, and she volunteered to help with Tiny House Fest Vermont, which I was co-producing. From our first encounter, I learned that when...

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We must reclaim space from the perpetrators of sexual violence

The law continues to empower people with resources to silence survivors

What are the rights of survivors who choose to speak publicly about their experiences of sexual misconduct within the context of civil law? With the #metoo movement she founded, Tarana Burke intends that survivors feel empowered simply by discovering they are not alone. We celebrate the success of Ms.

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Angle of advocacy was, at best, seriously confused

I think it's very, very good for men to talk about their experiences. If they seem authentic, I care about them, even if they are confused. On encountering this piece, I asked myself repeatedly, what is MacLean Gander's point? The best I can come up with is a direct quote: “It is fair and good to regulate conduct, but not to make it unlawful when it does no harm. If we are ever able to be enlightened, we might find...

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