Taryn Heon

Our only home

The time to use the most aggressive technology and legislative power to treat this is now - it has always been “now,” and we're past due. It requires political courage and individual responsibility.

There are many troubling forces at play in our current zeitgeist and politics that are demanding the attention of our president and legislators.

Keeping tabs on current events and the status of our sociopolitical machine is dizzying. But the problem of climate change - the future of our planet - is the backdrop and integral piece to much of the inequities and catastrophes we are facing and witnessing.

Though politically it can seem as though climate change is a partisan issue, it is a problem that does not discriminate.

Each person on this planet is vulnerable to the effects of climate change - individuals, families, and cultures. It is illusory to see ourselves as being separate or unaffected by these disasters.

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Chesterfield Historical Society succeeds in bid to save Stone House Tavern

Restoring building to 'previous glory' is next goal

The last time The Commons spoke to the Chesterfield Historical Society, the organization had reached crunch-time, with just a few days before a March 31 deadline to raise $250,000 to purchase the town's historic Stone House Tavern. They are now happy to report that, with the help of community...

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Conference touts impact of creative economy

Cultural professionals gather to find ways to boost the financial reach of the arts in Windham County

The creative economy in Vermont is no longer just a sideshow. Arts and culture have become a significant part of the state's overall economy, which was why, on April 9, the downstairs hall at Next Stage Arts in Putney was filled with visual artists, circus performers, photographers, writers, and...

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Advance directives leave a gift in the end

Talking about death and end-of-life care can be complicated, confusing, and scary. It is often avoided for these reasons, or it is addressed belatedly. As a result of avoidance or delay, families are often left with the responsibility of making health care decisions for their loved ones in critical condition, which can rupture relationships. Joanna Rueter, Advance Care Planning coordinator at Brattleboro Area Hospice, is working to ease this burden for families. She believes much of the drama that comes...

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Dedicated to diversity

Some of the most recent concerns around diversity accountability in Brattleboro sprang up in March 2017 at a Selectboard Candidates' Forum, when issues pertaining to the racial composition of the town's workforce came into the spotlight. In some circles, the issue was a point of confusion about how to proceed, given Vermont's largely-Caucasian population. But amid the confusion and cautious discussion, town members have continued efforts to address social disparities in the Brattleboro community - efforts that have entailed nearly...

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Good timing

Since 2007, the Chesterfield Historical Society has had its eye on the Stone House Tavern - a historic building that stands at junction of Routes 9 and 63 that was built in 1831. With fortunate timing within a fluctuating economy, CHS is en route to purchasing the Tavern, but it needs community support - and quickly, by March 31. “Our big crunch is right now because we really only have days remaining to meet our first [financial] milestone in order...

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Digging deeper

“We want people who will come and demystify the idea that art and creativity are things that are done by the chosen few... [Instead], it's something that's endowed to us by the act of being human,” said Shanta Lee Gander, former president of the Arts Council of Windham County. Gander and Sarah Bowen, current Arts Council board trustee, co-created a series of forums that will kick off on March 22, followed by two others on April 26 and Oct. 18.

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It takes a village

“You guys, rightfully, can be pounding the table to be getting some resources,” said U.S. Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt. “This budget situation in Washington is a disgrace. We know it. So, I don't want anybody, ever, apologizing for saying they need some resources. It's absolutely outrageous what's going on.” At the Brattleboro Retreat on Feb. 20, Welch met with an interdisciplinary community team - leaders from law enforcement, mental health workers, the school system, local employers, and those with lived...

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