Jim Greenwood

Kudos to BFUHS student’s fine writing

Kudos, and thank you, to Grace Waryas for her fine writing about the struggles she has encountered in her efforts to do and say the right thing.

Older people can learn from those younger than themselves, such as Grace, not only for the content of their messages, but also for how they deliver it.

Also, thank you to those who spoke out in support of Grace, regardless of whether they agreed with everything she had to say.


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Starlink could be viable technology for last-mile internet, beta tester reports

I have been following the efforts to get broadband internet to everyone in Vermont, as well as elsewhere in the U.S. I've been disappointed at the manner and extent to which poles-and-wires companies are criticizing satellite internet, in particular the SpaceX Starlink system, Elon Musk's satellite constellation.Two of the...

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Why would we want to terminate existing supervisory union for the unknown?

I, for one, am unable to support the Act 46 Study Committee's proposal that is being put to the voters on Nov. 7. I recognize that many people have worked hard to develop a plan that they hope is supported in the voting booth. The plan, as most of...

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Another way to visualize the fragility of Earth and its atmosphere

Peter Adair reminds us that the thickness of our atmosphere is equivalent to that of an apple skin around a large apple - which, in turn, reminds me of a point I like to make. If our atmosphere were compressed until it became a liquid, it would be a mere 32 feet thick. It then becomes quite easy to imagine mankind's ability to irreparably destroy the atmosphere, if we picture it as being made up of the same amount of...

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