Julie Tamler

Affordable housing needs to recognize what tenants will need

I get it. We need housing.

Windham County needs more housing. Vermont needs more housing. America needs housing! I get it! We all get it!

We especially need housing for people who have lower incomes.

We understand the need is very real. Just look at the houseless community in downtown Brattleboro. Oh, yes, the need is real. We know that, we see it, and we want to do something positive about it.

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Get out. Let others know.

Thank you to Mindy Haskins Rogers for writing this. Sexual abuse happens on so many levels - even today, it is confusing whether an action is abuse or not. Abusers mess with our minds, leaving us wondering if we've encouraged them, if we're being too sensitive, if this is...

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Let’s step up and be better about how we approach issues

On a Facebook page last weekend, I read about the Turquoise Grille putting up signs and how angry people were. I then met with the owners of the café, contacted a few people who were so angry, and immediately facilitated a meeting with the owners and the people who...

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