Whitney Nichols

Memories of Marlboro Schoolhouse

Thanks for the front-page coverage and memories of the Marlboro Schoolhouse on Higley Hill Road in Marlboro. I was a rental occupant from 1972 to 1985.

I awaited Liza and Casey Murrow's transition from the Schoolhouse to their new home on Lower Dover Road. I bided my time there in the midst of sawdust before our final move. Liza was very pregnant with their first son, Derrick. She somehow managed to navigate the Schoolhouse ladder to the “upstairs” bedroom/loft.

With the Schoolhouse as a sentinel at the head of our road, Diana Heiskell and Frances Shanahan and I became very close friends. We were a family. (I was among the first responders to their tragic accident and loss of Frances on Route 9.)

Will and Eyre Davisson were also close friends and gracious landlords. My earlier rent of $85 rose to $90 sometime around 1980.

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Trump uses Texas shooting for politics

While Donald Trump is on a political distraction in Asia, his appalling rhetoric - regarding the Texas massacre and the scapegoating of Americans with mental illnesses as “act(s) of evil,” “deranged,” “horrific,” and “a mental health problem at the highest level,” and his understated defense of the right to...

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