Jody Normandeau

Maciel, Young have brought student voices to the board table

Town Meeting Day, Tuesday, March 5, is election day for Windham Southeast School District School Board members from Brattleboro, Guilford, Dummerston, and Putney. There have been candidate profiles in both The Commons and the Reformer. It is important to be fully informed. There are a multitude of issue that the present board has been involved with and that they will continue to be addressing.

I fully recommend and will be voting for Kelly Young from Guilford and Tim Maciel from Brattleboro. They both have been amazing board members throughout their terms.

Kelly and Tim have worked diligently overtime to improve our already-good schools, by listening to students, staff, and administrators. They recently have brought students' voices to the board in a multitude of ways, including student polls, working with active student groups, and having two nonvoting, but listened-to, student members on the board.

Tim, who at present sits on the Student Advisory Panel, has been involved in education his entire life. He loves working with students and would like to continue the board's work addressing students' proficiency scores, especially in reading and math. He would like to continue to work to ensure all our students are doing well academically, socially, and emotionally.

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Nolan: The right person for these times

I support Eva Nolan, from Dummerston, for the three-year position on the WSESD School Board. Eva has the education and qualifications to be of great assistance with the ongoing issues the board has been facing. She would bring a calm and collaborative approach, which I believe would be a...

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We used to feel like family

Membership on a board covering 10 schools in four communities is a mammoth job. Most do not know all of the schools, their communities, or their values. Their budgets are incomprehensible.

In the spring of 2015, the Vermont Legislature passed Act 46, a school consolidation law, “designed to encourage and support local decisions and actions.” This quote is from an Agency of Education (AOE) fact sheet. That same fact sheet lists five goals of the law for these decisions: to...

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Gray: A fresh face who understands the needs of Vermonters

I am voting for Molly Gray for lieutenant governor for many reasons. First of all, I like the fact that Molly went to small rural schools in Newbury and Oxford and went on to graduate from UVM and the Vermont Law School - all Vermont schools. Molly was born and raised on a successful vegetable and dairy farm in Newbury. She thoroughly understands and appreciates rural communities and small rural schools and knows the value of having a small school...

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Further clarification of ballot proposals for WSESD

I can understand why people are are confused as to what they are being asked to vote on for the school district on Nov. 19. When our school districts were merged by the state, we were given default articles of agreement, the rules by which the new district is supposed to operate. Some of these articles can be changed by the electorate, and others can not. The new district board has been working to amend four of the articles that...

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Act 46: we must stand up for our rights or we will lose them

Are we a democracy? I am afraid that it doesn't look that way, based upon what has happened over the years around Act 46. We just witnessed the representatives in the House of Representatives (the People's House) vote against a delay in forcing mergers. They voted to force merger on school districts that have voted overwhelmingly not to merge. By the way, all but one of our Windham County legislators voted for a delay, backing our citizens who voted against...

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Our overwhelming votes against school merger don’t matter?

What does the Secretary of Education mean when she says our overwhelming votes against school merger don't matter? The last time I looked, we were still a democracy, both in our country and especially in Vermont, where freedom and democracy have always mattered. But now, the secretary of education and the Agency of Education's lawyers are telling us, and telling many other school districts across the state, that their community votes don't matter. If this is the case, why would...

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Jody Normandeau, Dummerston School Board

I am a candidate for the remaining one year of a three-year term on the Dummerston School Board. As a lifelong resident of the area, after graduating from Brattleboro Union High School, I left the area thinking I would not come back. However, after eight years away, Vermont beckoned to me, and I was able to return. In 1970, my husband and I were fortunate to be able to move to Dummerston to raise our family. We have two sons...

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