Mike Mrowicki

Siegel looks at issues with fresh, but wide-open, eyes

Brenda Siegel gets my vote for governor in the Aug. 14 Democratic primary.

Her values of hard work and hope within challenging times and circumstances combine well with her studied understanding of Vermont's legislative process.

Her frequent presence at the Statehouse over this last biennium speaks to learning from witnessing the process up close and firsthand, as well as advocating for the issues she is called to defend.

From her detailed ideas to address the ongoing opioid epidemic to understanding the growing economic inequities even in Vermont because of the tax giveaways from the current regime in Washington, Brenda can see the whole sky, while still keeping her feet firmly grounded in the green hills.

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Breaking the vicious cycle of childhood trauma

We are now understanding the long-lasting effects of adverse childhood experiences on the lives of Vermonters. How do we create a cultural shift to address the issue?

Ken Burns's latest historical video narrative, The Vietnam War, reminds many of us of that historical era, the French and U.S. actions, and the proof of philosopher and essayist George Santayana's words, “Those without a sense of history are doomed to repeat it.” The documentary also reminds us of...

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And then, the end-of-session chaos

Would you buy a car under these same conditions, let alone health insurance for the state’s public educators?

With the daily chaos raining down on the nation from the Trump White House, the 2017 state Legislature had to add a Trump Protection Plan to its work focused on Vermonters. Unfortunately, though, that chaos started to leak into the Vermont scene at the end of the session -

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Budget battle

Vermont Democrats are working hard to keep the chaos in Washington, D.C. from seeping into the state's political landscape. The unbalanced budget that Governor Phil Scott has tried to foist on Vermonters, which would also raise property taxes by 7 cents per $100 in valuation, is making it harder to discern differences among the various Trump proposals raining chaos on our nation and our state. In the campaign, candidate Scott offered a moderate theme and spoke of being able to...

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In Vermont, we have no mandate to radicalize our government

One of the great joys of being a state legislator is going into our schools and meeting with students. Those visits are often followed with having them visit the Statehouse, a trip that gives students a sense of history and teaches them what democracy is. One aspect I emphasize is that before we had our democracy, we had a king who gave no voice to the people. That didn't sit well with our ancestors, and we established our democracy -

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Social, economic, environmental-justice issues matter the most

In this coming election, Donald Trump is only the tip of the iceberg. The bigger problem we face in this election are all the Donald Trumps, who collectively tanked the economy in 2007 by behaviors that (as the presidential candidate Trump said) represented a good way to make money. In his words, it was “good business.” It sure says something when trashing the world economy is thought of selfishly as “good business.” Similarly, it is all the Donald Trumps who...

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Minter, Smith offer practical government experience

During any campaign, candidates can - and do - say about anything. A more polite way to phrase that would be with Mario Cuomo's words, “We campaign in poetry but govern in prose.” With that in mind, my vote goes to Sue Minter for governor, for her track record of accomplishment (as well as her ideas for the future). While other candidates can make it all sound so easy and overpromise, Sue has already helped make things work. And, she...

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Every road, every bridge is important to someone

With another legislative session adjourned, we lawmakers finally have the breathing room to look back - and look ahead. Trying to squeeze a year of work into four months, your part-time citizen legislature has moved ahead with decisions that support protecting children, the elderly, and the environment: • A top priority is how much we value our children in Vermont, and because of the opioid problem, more children need our protection from unfortunate, dangerous circumstances. We addressed both that situation...

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