Shaun Murphy

In support of a single, unified voice

New efficiencies in a single district will produce savings. Equity of education would be achieved more successfully.

On Nov. 7, residents from Putney, Dummerston, Brattleboro, and Guilford will vote on whether the four town school districts should be merged into one unified district.

I am on the ballot as a two-year “at large” director, should the district be approved, and would like to request your support on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

I urge registered voters of the towns of Putney, Dummerston, Guilford and Brattleboro to vote “yes” to achieve a single unified educational district.

The vote is to determine if the four towns will comply with the Act 46 state-education law. The law was enacted based on demographic realities that Vermont is experiencing. Statewide, and locally, school enrollment numbers have declined 22 percent in recent years.

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