Jenny Chapin

We’re so lucky to have the West River Trail

When I moved to Brattleboro almost six years ago, I discovered the West River Trail's lower section, one of the delights that awaited me. It's flat, wide, and mostly shaded, with places along the way where my dog can get into water (or a muddy puddle) to cool off.

During this year of COVID-19, use of the West River Trail has increased about 70 percent from 2019. People are staying closer to home and getting outdoors more to maintain some level of sanity. We're so lucky to have this resource right here!

Huge thanks to the Friends of the West River Trail, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that is 100-percent volunteer run, for all the work done to maintain this section of the 36-mile trail.

There's regular trail maintenance, removal of invasive species, new signage and benches, and an eye to the future in terms of purchasing additional land and creating a larger network of trails for all to enjoy.

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Laws are only as good as the people who create them

In hisViewpoint, MacLean Ganderstates that this country is “the first nation ruled by law rather than men”. Where does he think those laws came from? It was men - White men - who made and enforced those laws; they weren't unbiased or inclusive. It was White men who made...

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Allow me to tell you the story of my rape and abortion

To Kenneth Scipione, and every man who thinks like you do: Have you ever talked with women about their abortion/rape/incest experiences - and by “talked with,” I mean “listened to and empathized with”? (If you're not quite clear on what “empathy” means, there's a wonderful Sesame Street skit with...

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What does graffiti tell visitors about us and our community?

At Harris Hill Ski Jump there are two sheds on the right as you walk toward the woods and the Ice Pond Trail. On one side of the bigger shed, spray-painted in letters a foot tall, are the words “tits” and “bitch.” There's also a drawing of a smiling face that looks to be performing fellatio. With all the preparation for the recent event that draws apparently several thousand people from far and near, did not one of the team...

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Preserve local control over local schools

As a longtime resident of Dummerston, I am very concerned about the proposed school consolidation for many reasons. One is the fact that if we merge, we will no longer own our school building and property that we have spent years building and maintaining. Our school can be closed without a vote of our town. The Act 46 Study Committee says it is guaranteed to be kept open only for 5 years. Another is losing our elected School Board. If...

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