George Carvill

Housing is a human right — but charter change does nothing to support that right

This year's Brattleboro Town Meeting ballot has a proposal to stuff some disjointed housing rental regulations into the Town Charter.

We should vote it down and work for meaningful changes that will actually help people.

I say that as one who was part of the group that launched this charter change effort but who moved away when the organizers insisted on listening more to what Burlington wanted than to what Brattleboro needs.

There are many problems with the amendment as written, not the least of which is that it tries to shoehorn what should be an ordinance into the town charter.

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Kornheiser: skills and positive approach will bear fruit

I'm proud that Emilie Kornheiser is my voice in Montpelier. As a member of the powerful Ways and Means Committee, she helped pass the largest state-level child tax credit and earned-income tax credit in the country. Further, as a retired person, I appreciate the improvements in the Vermont exemption...

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Can adults in the room salvage Rescue relationship?

The current kerfuffle between the town and Rescue Inc. reminds me of the early days in Rescue's history. The Brattleboro Fire Department then had a - shall we say - “competitive” approach to its dealings with Rescue. But both organizations grew out of it and, to my knowledge, no...

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Rental loan program could benefit tenants, landlords

I understand the need for housing units in Brattleboro with rents that are affordable. That means that the out-of-pocket cost to move in needs to be in line with the renter's ability to pay. First month plus last month plus security deposit pushes that move-in cost beyond the means of many hard-working residents. On the other hand, if we are to have residential rentals available in Brattleboro, landlords have to be able to maintain their properties while still making a...

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Forum will discuss options for divesting from fossil fuel

So you want to do something about climate change, but you are stuck at home? No problem! 350Brattleboro is hosting an online divestment panel discussion Thursday, April 23 at 7 p.m. because now is the perfect time to sit down at your computer and figure out how people can help stop the flow of your money supporting fossil fuel. “Divestment in Place - Cash and Capital” will host banking and investment experts to help people find a checking account or...

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Shoales: forward thinking

I write to support David Schoales in his bid for re-election to his three-year seat on the Brattleboro Selectboard. He has been on the right side of many important issues facing us, from the vote to hire a sustainability coordinator to working to get high-speed fiber internet service throughout the town. David is forward-thinking, and that's what we need on the board.

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The best city government money can buy

At last! Finally, Brattleboro has a chance to clean up town government and install a mayor. What has taken so long? A mayor will be able to really lead this city. A strong executive works. Just look at all the good things that a strong leader has accomplished in Washington. Just as Trump can ignore the silly people in Congress, so a mayor can get rid of the Representative Town Meeting debating society that gets in the way of progress.

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Happy birthday, Pete!

Folk singer, activist, and the musical conscience of our nation, Pete Seeger, would have been 100 this year. All Souls Church, 29 South St., will host a singalong concert on Sunday, May 12, at 7 p.m., to celebrate Seeger's music and his life-long efforts on behalf of peace, justice, and the earth. The concert will feature well-known performers with deep connections to Seeger, including Sally Rogers, Emma's Revolution, Peter Siegel, Annie Patterson, and Peter Blood. Those who attend the tribute...

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