Andy Burrows

Large political signs disrespect Vermont tradition

For generations Vermont has banned billboards. For us and for visitors to Vermont from other states and around the world, the lack of billboards sets the tone of our beautiful rural state and its quiet countryside.

I am concerned that this tradition is threatened.

Large political signs have been put up around Vernon and Guilford. I don't know what the limits are for a sign to be banned, but these very nicely designed signs have, in my opinion, gone beyond the limit. The ignorance and disrespect they show for our Vermont traditions concerns me.

What is to stop other political billboards from going up around the state?...

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Guilford Democrats plan caucus

To all the voters of Guilford: If you are interested in “doing something” about the upcoming primary and general elections, you are invited and encouraged to participate in Guilford's Democratic Caucus, on Thursday, Sept. 26 from 7 to 8:30 p.m., at Broad Brook Community Center, 3940 Guilford Center Rd.

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Coffey ‘is hopeful and gives me hope’

If you are as demoralized as I am by the constant lies and the nasty flood of tasteless, polarized politics draining from Trump's swamp, you may, like me, be thinking, “What's the use? Why vote?” Then I stop and reflect: If I don't vote, if I don't try to...

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Hebert served in proud, bipartisan tradition

I think the people of Vernon and Guilford have been extremely fortunate to have had Mike Hebert represent us since 2010. I wish we could clone his fair, responsible, bipartisan, and very personal approach to governance and spread it from Montpelier to Washington, D.C. As chair of the Guilford Democratic Committee, I have been very pleased to see support for Mike grow across the board, from Republicans to Progressives. It is a proud Vermont tradition - the legacy of Governor...

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Guilford, Vernon residents grapple with difficult political issues

Twenty-nine neighbors from Guilford and Vernon recently gathered to discuss issues and values they hold in common in this troubling, tumultuous political time and to begin organizing to effect much-needed change. The lively conversation naturally raised both local grassroots and national concerns. Anyone interested was invited and did join in, including Progressives, Democrats, Independents, and disaffected Republicans. The success of this community meeting will be followed up by another, tentatively scheduled for late October and will focus on one of...

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Breaking the logjam at the local level

The disarray in Washington continues. Can we help restore civil civic discourse by example? We have been hearing regularly from our D.C. delegation that a great many vital issues can and need to be dealt with. All three lawmakers - senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders, and U.S. Rep. Peter Welch - are being creative and aggressive, proposing legislation and working with their colleagues across party lines to break the logjam, Vermont style. And they have each, in their own...

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