Christie Herbert

McLoughlin: a dream board candidate

Let me add to the chorus of people in town who have worked directly with Liz McLoughlin and feel compelled to let voters know just how fortunate Brattleboro would be to have her on the Selectboard.

Liz served on the Empty Bowls Committee for several years while I was chair, and then quickly stepped up to co-chair the event with me for another several years. She was directly responsible for helping us generate more money for the Drop-in Center, and it was no surprise when they asked her to serve on their board.

She is smart, experienced, funny, flexible, a good communicator, and someone who is consistently able to get a lot done without fanfare.

She is precisely the kind of person you would dream of having on a board of any sort.

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Jerome: experience to make decisions of consequence

I endorse Cindy Jerome to represent Putney, Dummerston, and Westminster in the Legislature. Cindy brings a wealth of experience to the position, including serving seven years on the Dummerston Selectboard, with two as chair. She is in her eighth year as town moderator for Dummerston, where she is highly...

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Dishing up food for the fight

Sister District Soup Project raises money, provides support to progressive Democratic candidates in strategic races

Like many after the November 2016 election, Peg Alden found herself feeling overwhelmed and outraged about what was happening in this country. Wanting to do something that might make a difference, she found out about a newly-formed organization called Sister District, whose mission is to harness the energy of...

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Moved to action — and heading to D.C.

On election night, a bunch of friends gathered at a party in Brattleboro, probably the bluest town in the bluest state in the country, seemingly to celebrate Hillary Clinton's win. One friend had bought a Donald Trump piñata months earlier and filled it with Dum Dum lollipops; the plan was to bash that thing to smithereens once Clinton won. As the night wore on, we left the party one by one to go home to go to sleep, hoping that...

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