Rev. Robert C. Hamm

Love, compassion and sympathy to Tree of Life Congregation

The people of Newfane Congregational Church extend our love, compassion and sincerest sympathy to all our Jewish friends in southeastern Vermont, and to the families affected by the senseless murders at the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh, Penn.

We are deeply pained that violence inspired by racial and religious hatred continues in our time, and we pray for healing in our time.


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Compassion within prison walls

On the way home from singing at a state penitentiary, we reflected on the blessings of our practice. And later, a letter came and offered even more.

Sometimes, we never get to know the difference we may make to someone. But this past Christmas, it seems that a group of us did make a difference - and we received it right back, multiplied. Our Hallowell Singers - better known for hospice singing for the Brattleboro community...

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