Emily Peyton

Economic harmony will bring peace

The current war has one solution: peace.

What is peace? Peace is treating every person with the respect they need. Peace is creating economic environments for everyone to thrive, where everyone has the dignity of enough money to be purposeful in life and not subjected to stress of abject poverty, where everyone is encouraged to fulfill a personal purpose and develop personal strengths.

Nothing about our economic reality currently fulfills this.

However, were the political and banking class to attend to peace, they would focus on actions like funding the establishment and training for millions of small organic farms worldwide.

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‘I love you, President Donald Trump’

The media demands that you hate Donald Trump and creates the “news” for you. If you don't buy it, you too are deplorable. The more the media instructs me to hate him, and the more vitriol I see from local Democrats and Progressives, the more I am certain he...

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I am going to look for what I like in you

What is othering? This is the destruction of our understanding of the basic connectors of humanity. We all are familiar with the old strategy “divide and conquer,” yet why do we fall prey to it over and over? Things seem to be really falling apart. Our economy is hurting.

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Mrowicki ‘should resign for attempting to tear our community apart with hatred’

This is an open letter to my representatives, in particular Mike Mrowicki. Martin Luther King Jr. reminds us to judge a man by the content of his character and not the color of his skin. The content of America's character is to love, to give, and to care for all humanity. I know people are divided. I want all to pay close attention to who is telling you to hate and fear. I ask for your immediate resignation, Mike, for...

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N.H. legislators ask questions about 5G technology

If the reader does not know what 5G is, a visit to the website of the Prove-it Initiative will be informative. Entities responsible for the planned launch of more than 20,000 satellites to saturate the entire Earth in high-frequency microwaves seem to count on our silence while extreme harm is undertaken. On poles everywhere, you can see the extra transformers needed for the extra energy required and 5G hardware associated with this damaging technology. What follows are a series of...

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Why do we allow the media to be gatekeepers for information about candidates?

Vermonters are capable of choice; they make excellent choices from many thousands of options daily, and they benefit from their ability to select one from multiple alternatives. VPR, Vermont PBS, WCAX, VtDigger.org, and all the rest of the debate hosts have no right to keep candidates from competing and no right to keep the people from altering their government by competing for votes in elections. The aforementioned press outlets say their freedoms of the press allows them to decide who...

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A plant with purpose

Much media ado about marijuana reminds me of media coverage of Donald Trump's opponents: Hemp is a more worthy candidate for our attention, but it gets very little. Marijuana is obviously very important to many, many people (beer is as well). But it needs to be said that marijuana hasn't as much to offer Vermont as hemp. For clarity's sake, although the term “hemp” refers to all of cannabis, including marijuana, in recent years it has become common practice to...

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The problem goes beyond a Bernie blackout

All of us have had the experience of waking the day after a horrific event, as reality replaces the sanctuary of sleep. In my opinion, that misty place is where the majority of us now exist in their consciousness. I see too many people resistant to becoming fully awake, because sleep lulls the spiritual pain of being awake so well. Supporters of Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign have concerns with the lack of media coverage. I am thrilled with Bernie's delivery...

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