Lucy Gratwick and Dan MacArthur

Merger not in best interest of Marlboro’s kids

We write this letter as two of the members from Marlboro of the Act 46 Study Committee, which was charged to consider the possibility of a merger between the elementary schools of Marlboro, Dover, and Wardsboro.

A letter was recently sent from this Study Committee to the residents of the three towns. Several Marlboro residents have approached us to say that they felt that the letter was recommending that they vote in favor of the merger and that having our names attached to the letter implied that we agreed with the recommendation.

We wish to make clear to the voters of Marlboro that, although we feel that the committee did a good job of writing the articles of agreement necessary for creating a possible merger, we do not feel that the merger is in the best interests of Marlboro or its children.

Thank you for this opportunity to make our feelings clear.

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