Emily Peyton

Peyton: For sustainable and healthy local economics

I am seeking the position of governor to enable the work of our nonprofits around the state, from whom I will be staffing my administration.

My work with Vermonters for New Economy and the Vermont Public Banking Group will help us circulate money in the state in a more far-reaching manner, so that there will be enough money for our people to engage in our economy.

I urge people to write in my name in the Aug. 26 primary election if you take a party ballot other than Republican. I am an independent, as I believe all leaders should be but, as many already know, the adversarial party system is not working wonders for our present situation and is proving to be quite alarming for our future.

I see efficient and effective use of tax money as important to everyone, not just Republicans, and I see going fossil-fuel free and organic with greater food independence as important to the health and security of our future.

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My candidacy goes beyond political labeling

Paul Heinz, the political report for Seven Days, recently inaccurately described me as a “leftie.” I am in fact a leader of a new breed, one who can deliver less taxation with more efficient and effective public service from our public servants. I am one who will not be...

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Press’ censorship influences course of elections

I'll run as a Republican primary candidate for governor and continue as an independent for the November election. I presented an amendment to the House Government Operations Committee that would have compelled the hosts of debates and forums to permit candidates who behave with decorum to be permitted to...

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Psychiatric drugs prescribed wantonly, yet psychiatrist opposes marijuana

Why would psychiatrist Neil Senior take time to write about the dangers of marijuana use before wrangling with the drug problems of his own field? He challenges that marijuana hasn't ever killed anyone, which it might not have. Meanwhile, proof abounds that drugs dispensed by the psychiatric field kill routinely. Doesn't Neil Senior care that psychiatrists are killing? Wouldn't he like to see a robust new oversight of the entire field? I would. From my perspective as a mom, psychiatrists...

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Local banks shouldn’t fear the concept of a public bank

Up in Montpelier, a firestorm is taking place. One woman, Gwendolyn Hallsmith, is working tirelessly to educate people about, and make happen, a public bank for Vermont. As a result, people involved with big-money interests are looking to have her fired for the civic work she does beyond her day job as Montpelier City Planner. There is a good deal of misinformation about a Vermont Partnership Public Bank. Our local banks do not see how beneficial it will be for...

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Billionosis affects few, but effects spread far

Do you know what the most dangerous disease is on Earth? A disease so dangerous, it is a plague engulfing the planet with death? Billionosis. The effects of billionosis are everywhere, but relatively small numbers of humans are affected by it. Billionosis is a disease of the psyche, where no amount of wealth is enough and the sufferer is fixated with increasing the numbers in the ledger. In most cases, these sufferers rig the accounting system for their own benefit,

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On industrial hemp (and psychiatric drugs)

U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell recently made the following statement regarding industrialized hemp and its impact on Kentucky: “I am convinced that allowing its production will be a positive development for Kentucky's farm families and economy,” he said. “[Commissioner of Agriculture John Comer] has assured me that his office is committed to pursuing industrialized hemp production in a way that does not compromise Kentucky law enforcement's marijuana eradication efforts or in any way promote illegal drug use. “The utilization...

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Willful manipulation

I am truly enjoying the campaign trail this election season, even with the task of coping with an uninterested press. Unfortunately, our democracy is ruled by whatever choices the press will offer. In Vermont, the press will say that poll numbers decide their interest in covering the candidate. It must be obvious to any thinking person that poll numbers can only be honestly developed after public scrutiny, not before; in article after article, the press frames the election for governor...

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