Mark Borax

Anything but compassionate and responsible

‘Unlike recent media spin, the controversy in Putney is not between those who care about these folks and those who don’t, but about what, precisely, constitutes authentic caring, safe homes, and fiscal responsibility’

Mark Borax, an international best-selling writer and astrologer, is a Putney resident.

Over recent months, local press has stirred the kind of controversy that sells newspapers regarding the so-called "affordable housing project" in downtown Putney.

But let's be clear: Regarding the need to house our indigent, at-risk, homeless, and poverty-stricken members of the community, there is little conflict here.

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A better alternative to affordable housing in Putney

The affordable housing article presents developers, past Selectboard members, and other town employees as progressive and compassionately concerned about the homeless and low-income residents, and those of us questioning the project as troublemakers who look down on the poor and needy. But it's a farce to call an $11.7...

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Putney group wants residents to add housing in their own backyard - literally

I find Mike Mrowicki's piece quite clever and disingenuous. The Friends of Putney group he tries hard to smear by accusing them of supporting Republicans who in turn support the Right to Life movement is a gross distortion, because Friends of Putney include Democrats, Republicans, Independents, women of all...

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Where were these protestors during the Obama administration?

While reading Brenda Lynn Siegel's inspiring account of her experience at the Women's March in Washington, D.C., I began to wonder something about the rising “new left/woman's protest movement.” I honor Ms. Siegel's direct action, making time in her life to stand with her sisters, but her outrage at Republicans' lies and Donald Trump's insanity makes me wonder how she and millions of her protesting sisters feel about the 100,000 bombs that Barack Obama dropped on women and children and...

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