Joyce Marcel

Ty Allembert and two collaborators won $5,000 for Snakes, their entry to a game programming contest for the educational website Quizlet.

‘A fun little thing’

Local programmer part of prize-winning team in video game design competition

Ty Allembert and two friends entered a national competition to create a learning game on the website Quizlet and came away with third place and $5,000.

Allembert, a native of Dummerston, graduated from Brattleboro Union High School and has just completed a bachelor's degree in computer science at the University of Vermont.

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How can bystanders address mental health crises?

Training from a Brattleboro insurance agency lets people develop compassionate strategy for responding to those experiencing a psychiatric emergency and to discern when such incidents can be dangerous

Imagine walking downtown through the Harmony Lot in broad daylight when a young man approaches and asks you for some money. You refuse. He passes by you and then starts shouting and howling into the wind. He's not even looking at you as he shouts. Disconcerting? Yes, of course.

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A big transition for the valley’s music scene

Iron Horse Music Hall gets new nonprofit owner, while the Green River Festival changes hands

Last month, the Northampton, Massachusetts musical ecosystem was churning with major change. On Oct. 12, the recording company Signature Sounds announced that the Green River Festival had been sold to DSP Shows of Northampton and Ithaca, N.Y. And the Parlor Room, now a nonprofit, recently bought the legendary, but...

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An end to power outages?

If a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound? In southern Vermont, a more important question would be: Does it cause a power outage? Just think about the biggest weather events that hit southern Vermont this year - the March storm that left up to 4 feet of heavy wet snow in some towns and the massive rainstorm in July that delivered a month's worth of rain in a day and caused serious flash flooding. In between...

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In the room where it happened

When Vermont sent its first female representative to Washington this past year, it was in itself a historic moment. But U.S. Rep. Becca Balint, D-Vt., has become part of a greater, and more tragic history. She has found herself inside what she calls "a Republican Civil War." In the House, just days after mustering just enough votes for a last-minute 45-day funding bill that averted a shutdown of the federal government, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., was ousted...

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State senator becomes lawyer by taking road less traveled

On his very first try, state Sen. Nader Hashim, D-Windham, passed the bar exam - and did so in an unconventional way. Vermont is one of the few states where people can still study for the bar exam by using an apprenticeship model, called the Law Office Study Program (LOS) in the state. The LOS allows participants to "read the law," studying 25 hours a week for four years with a Vermont attorney or a judge instead of going to...

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End of an era

Now that it has been confirmed that Sam's Outdoor Outfitters on Main Street will be closing in April of 2024, there are so many ways to think about it. We could think about the big retail hole it will leave on Main Street, where it has been losing business for years. We could think about the dedicated Sam's employees, some of whom have worked for the owners, the Borofsky family, for decades, who will be losing their jobs and their...

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No easy solutions

The unemployed, the unhoused, the people with mental health problems, the panhandlers, the drug users, the dealers, the travelers, the thieves - it is hard to tell the players on the street without a scorecard. When I first thought about writing about homelessness in Brattleboro, I lumped all of the above together because homelessness has become an all-encompassing word. Yet it shouldn't be. Brattleboro has problems, certainly. But why should this town be different from everywhere else in the country?

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