Joseph Fusco

In climate economy, environmentalism can be good business

A fascinating conversation has been taking place in Vermont over the last several years - a conversation about whether “environmentalism” and “entrepreneurialism” can exist together. It is a conversation driven, in part, by the anticipated effects of climate change, and the challenge to do something about it.

Of course, in Vermont the economy and the environment are deeply intertwined. For most - if not all - of our history, we have relied a great deal on our unique and healthy environment to support a vibrant and evolving working landscape.

From tourism to the maple industry, from forest products to craft beer and more, Vermont has birthed livelihoods that both depend on and contribute to a healthy and sustainable environment.

I have participated in this conversation with thoughtful and diverse people who love Vermont and who are deeply motivated to think about how we can create value, affordability, and prosperity - and environmental sustainability - by approaching climate change and its related challenges with creativity, innovation, and thoughtfulness.

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