Maggie Taylor

Trusting industry to police industry standards leads to lasting harm

I have been following the coverage of the proposed plans for the clean-up of the Vermont Yankee site with great interest.

As someone who is looking to move from the suburbs of Boston to a more rural environment, I see southern Vermont as very appealing. But I am stopped by the thought of living near a nuclear waste dump, and even more so by the idea that they would be hiding radioactive material underground, where it could migrate into the water.

I have long thought of moving to the Connecticut River Valley, but knowing what I do about Vermont Yankee, I am concerned with the years-long leaking of the radioactive materials into the river and the ensuing coverup of that.

I garden and I drink water, and there are no assurances from Entergy or NorthStar regarding the safety of the water supply as they rubblize and bury what is there and then store wastes in casks (leaking casks?) along the banks of the river.

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