Justin Bibee

Fight more than $50 million in cuts to Peace Corps

As the Peace Corps prepares to mark its 60th anniversary year, 2021will also mark the redeployment of volunteers following the difficult decision last spring to temporarily suspend its global programs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This redeployment can serve as a moment of rejuvenation for the Peace Corps and our national reconnection with the world, as well as our recommitment to building world peace and friendship.

A source of frustration, and one familiar to all Peace Corps activities, is the gap between the growing number of tasks assigned or taken on by the Peace Corps and the budget allocated to carry them out.

Congress needs to show its commitment to the Peace Corps and its volunteers. Sen. Patrick Leahy will be critical to this effort. That's because the Senate Appropriations Committee is proposing to cut Peace Corps funding by more than $50 million.

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How far two friends from different worlds will go to build a school

The lack of girls’ education is underpinning the lack of major economical and social development in Pakistan

Peace is more than an intellectual activity; it is a brutally physical one. Peace is ultimately about doing, not thinking. No one knows this better than Aamir Gamaryani, who can conceive of a solution and then actually implement it. I first heard Aamir's name in the summer of 2013...

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Homeless people, how can we help you?

As a community, we cannot continue failing these people — our community members, our neighbors and, for some of us, our friends and our family members

I want to speak directly to the homeless people in our community, and through them, to all homeless people in our state, and across our nation. I am sorry to say, try as we might, that we are letting you down. Thousands of people like you - including women,

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