Mark Tully

‘Trust me, I’m cool’ is not a non-discrimination practice

Sheriff Mark Anderson cites his non-discrimination motto as “culture eats policy for breakfast.” It's hard to imagine a more callous and unprofessional approach to fair and impartial policing.

“Trust me, I'm cool” is not a non-discrimination practice. Putting protections in policy is.

What are we to tell incoming Afghan immigrants about whether they can interact with local law enforcement without fear of harassment, detention, and being turned over to federal authorities for the same?

Due to Sheriff Anderson's negligence, the answer is that deputies can discriminate at their discretion, without any formalized accountability.

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Property showings are ‘beyond sick’ and endanger tenants

Vermont is being flooded by COVID-19 hot-spotters looking to buy property. Gov. Scott ended quarantine rules for them recently. Now, sociopath real estate agents in Brattleboro are trying to bring them into people's homes. Vermont's current emergency directive - “Realtors and landlords may not require occupants of a home...

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Insurance rate hikes serve profit over people

The Green Mountain Care Board has recently granted double-digit rate increases to Vermont's largest insurance companies. The board was created to oversee the transition to universal health care. It is now chaired by a Koch brothers operative, appointed by a governor who is a Koch brothers beneficiary. The board's...

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