Marguerite Serkin

Remer: A first-rate candidate

Brian Remer is a first-rate candidate for the school board.

Having demonstrated an impeccable personal and professional commitment to the welfare of young people in our community over several decades, he will bring his experience as a facilitator and problem-solver to this challenging role.

Brian works tirelessly for others and has greatly improved the dynamics and procedures wherever he has served.

Marguerite Serkin...

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Guilford mailing goes beyond the issue of library expansion

On May 16, the Guilford Free Library hosted a meeting regarding the planned expansion of the library. Except for virulent outbursts by one resident, the meeting was cordial and well-received. In today's mail, town residents received a glossy two-sided mailing that not only expressed opposition to the expansion but...

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Trump presidency injurious to women’s health

Any woman - and there are legions of us - who has experienced sexual violence at any time in her life knows that the effects reach far beyond the psychological, creating physiological responses to retrieved memories and perceived threats that can be injurious to a woman's health. And any...

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The real meaning of covfefe

Covfefe. I would be happy to never read or hear the pseudo-word again. Donald Trump's late-night tweet once again sent the media, pundits, comedians, and the general public scrambling to make sense of nonsense. Is Trump senile? Erratic? Is there a special meaning to be gleaned from his use of the nonexistent word? The truth is more likely that Trump knows exactly what he is doing and timed the release of the linguistic furor to coincide with the announcement that...

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The courage to speak

In January of 2015, a young woman was sexually violated by a star swimmer from Stanford University. This young woman has shown the courage to speak not only of her own trauma and loss, but of the common experience of women around the world who are the victims of sexual assault. In her address to her attacker and to the court, the unnamed victim brought to light the excruciating aftermath of the assault, describing an experience shared by millions of...

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A new solidarity?

How can one put into words the trauma of a nation? When writing about the events in Paris, it became clear there is no posture to adopt, no angle from which to write. There is only tragedy, and solidarity with those who are suffering. Somehow, the Jihadists have lost sight of humanity. It is not the first time in our evolutionary history that a group of people find themselves cut off from the very sentiments that make us human: compassion,

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