Carly Reitsma

Thanks for support from Carry Me Home

All of us at Carry Me Home deeply thank everyone who made our Greek supper fundraiser a huge success this past November.

We served 169 people, and we collected over $1,800 to help us continue our work.

That would have not been possible without the generosity of Rev. Bert Marshall and the parishioners of the Centre Congregational Church, who let us use the space for the dinner and have been allowing us to use their stage as our sorting and packing space for the last two years.

We would like to thank our cooks and everyone who came to help before, during, and after the dinner as well as everyone who has donated money, ingredients, or time to make this event possible.

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We must act now to address global rising temperatures

As a parent, I realize even more completely that it is not just time to focus on solutions, but it is time to fight for those solutions

Back in my mid-20s, I spent a year as a student at Marlboro College. I had arrived there with the aim of pursuing an interdisciplinary major involving anthropology and ecology. My goal was to look more closely at human cultures and ecological connection. In my studies, I found as...

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