Lissa Schneckenburger

Vermont has a long legacy of environmental leadership. Gov. Scott, we can do even better.

‘I urge you to build on our existing bottle-redemption law and outlaw single-use beverage containers’

To Governor Phil Scott:

I am concerned about the cost of Vermont's landfill and recycling system, and how the burden of those costs is passed on to consumers and taxpayers.

My family is in the middle of a Zero Waste Challenge, where we attempt to put nothing in the trash can or recycling bin for two weeks. Saying that this is a monumental task is the understatement of the year.

My family has decided to change our consumption habits and refrain from buying some of our favorite items (like juice, wine, or crackers), simply because of what would happen to the container and packaging after we are done with it. I carefully comb my local grocery store for food and essentials that are not packaged in materials that will end up in the trash.

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‘I still believe in democracy’

I believe people are good. I believe in helping one another, in peace, unity, inclusion, equality, and justice. This is not just blind faith in humanity - I know I am not alone. The majority of Americans want to take care of and educate our children, they want stricter...

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A vote for climate-change resolution is a vote for clean, healthy life

I grew up in central Maine, on a modest homestead surrounded by 22 acres of forest, with a stream winding through it. From the time that I could walk, I spent more time outdoors than in. I would explore and play in the woods with my brother and our...

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