Les Kozaczek

Regaining control of our town from U.N. planning agenda

If adopted as is, Brattleboro’s proposed 2012 Town Plan will green-light a permanent town-wide confiscation of private land and would constitute the summary abridgment of our Fifth Amendment property rights.

Also, if adopted as is, this state-mandated publication of Brattleboro’s vision for its development over the next five years and beyond would result in community-killing restrictions of our access to our common land.

These threats stem directly from town government’s obsessive desire to satisfy the ideology and sloganeering of the United Nations–created municipal membership body, International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), which implements United Nations Agenda 21 policy among its members at the local level.

U.N. Agenda 21, which was introduced to the world at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Brazil in 1992 by a conglomerate of faux environmentalists, purports to be the only viable blueprint for global “sustainability.” It is a “sustainability” Plan A that recognizes no Plan B.

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Kool-Aid stand in the newsroom

Editorial was ‘warmist propaganda’

First off, kudos to The Commons and its excellent editorial and other staff. The Commons is a real asset to the community, and it gets better every edition. Seldom does a community resource so positively and thoroughly enhance a community in the way The Commons has enhanced the Brattleboro...

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Anti-global-warming writer responds to rebuttal

I am a little confused by Ned Pokras' purported “rebuttal” (Viewpoint: “Hot Enough for You?,” The Commons, Sept. 15) to my op-ed, which cited the many ways in which Warmists' inherently racist and herd mentality serves neither science nor the best interests of the human population. The cause of...

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Decoding the warmist agenda

Increased carbon dioxide plus increased solar energy equals global warming. Right? Wrong! There is something quite surreal about the current claims being tossed about by warmists - those true believers who shriek that we are in the final throes of cataclysmic, species-ending, man-made global warming. And they persist in shrieking their alarmist predictions of doom despite the fact that they are no longer hamstrung by having to rely solely on the lies disseminated by the despicable and roundly discredited Intergovernmental...

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