Judy Wagner

Coming out of hiding

Our country has been wearing denial like camo fatigues. How can we shed our disguises?

Hiding is, in most cases, a practice of protection, for ill or good.

A rule breaker or misbehaver can hide to avoid detection, capture, punishment. A shy person can hide to protect herself from unwanted scrutiny. A tired person can hide for rest and restoration.

A zebra can disappear in the grasses, a tiger in the underbrush. One fleeing, one stalking, both surviving.

Camouflage is often used for hiding our deadly penchant for violence, whether as sport hunters or to perpetuate war. What does it mean when a person wears camo-streaked clothing in public? Surely not camouflage, but a statement of support for the rights of the violent - an odd version of hiding in plain sight.

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