Marvin Resnikoff

Rep. Welch 'intransigent and wrong-headed' on nuclear-waste issue

In many ways, aside from impeachment and what comes out of garbage mouth (President Trump), including his many irrational actions, Washington actions are distant from our lives.

And what happens in Congressional committees, such as the Congressional Budget Committee (CBC), is even further hidden from public view.

But these votes do impact us, particularly in what happens at Vermont Yankee.

Vermont Yankee is being taken apart, leaving no reactor building and over-50-ft.-tall concrete containers or casks containing extremely radioactive nuclear fuel and reactor components. But then what?...

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Some major issues with VY decommissioning

Decommissioning will be complicated by where to send the radioactive waste — and how to get it there

Congratulations to NorthStar for aiming to take apart Vermont Yankee in record time, hopefully by 2026, and hopefully within budget. The article by Olga Peters [“Unbuilding a Nuclear Power Plant,” Oct. 23], which included an interview with NorthStar's CEO, Scott State, was encouraging, but omitted some of the major...

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Welch’s stance on nuclear waste is spineless

In his statements in Brattleboro on April 7 and in his letter to me, Representative Peter Welch has not clearly thought through his position on the nuclear-waste issue. While none of us are overjoyed with leaving radioactive waste at the Vermont Yankee reactor, that does not translate to forcing...

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