Barry L. Adams

Armed bystanders can stop mass slaughter

Thank you for including the balanced and insightful response of Liam Madden in the discussion of gun violence in the U.S. Since his column, at least two more incidents of mass slaughter have occurred.

We can continue to breathlessly rant our indignation. We can continue to debate what the Founding Fathers actually meant when they drafted the Second Amendment while also avoiding discussions of what a disarmed citizenry can face from both inside political tyranny, as well as outside threats to a free state.

We can continue to wait precious minutes for the police to respond, then assess the situation, formulate a tactical response, and carry it through flawlessly, all while unprotected innocents are slaughtered like sitting ducks while pleading for help.

We can continue to demand banning “assault” weapons that will not stop mass murder with handguns, long guns, or a can of gasoline in a locked classroom.

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It wasn’t an experiment. It was sexual assault.

One man’s journey in an almost-50-year effort to make sense of the ‘aggressive molestation of a heavily drugged teenager by a perverted coward who then smeared an innocent 16-year-old kid to everyone who meant anything to him.’

I have read with deep personal interest Mindy Haskins Rogers' Viewpoint and all subsequent responses to it. I immediately wanted to respond, but hesitated. Outside of the Catholic Church scandal, we don't hear too much from men who have been sexually abused and how they've coped with it. I...

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For our anniversary, a thoughtfully planned kindness

‘Despite our vast differences, we forged a respectful and caring friendship rooted in our past, a sincere interest in considering our differences, and our ability to laugh at most of them’

I woke up this morning astonished to find a text message that simply read, “happy anniversary!” It was the first time in 33 years that anyone has ever remembered our anniversary. In 1988, in Boston, long before “gay marriage” seemed a possible reality in our lifetime, I met my...

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Little tolerance for today’s diverse viewpoints and experiences

The point MacLean Gander makes in “A national dislocation from reality” [Column, March 3] of the importance of how a problem gets defined, who gets to define it, and who then reports on it (hopefully) using “the basic principles of accuracy, fairness, and objectivity” which he also acknowledges as being “shaped in powerful ways by the prevailing culture” seemed more than a little relevant and timely to me. Recently, I remarked that it seems there is no dialogue any more,

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Heat poses danger to pets in parked cars

Seven years ago, the town of Brattleboro was lauded as a “national leader” by animal advocates around the country after signs warning of the danger of leaving dogs unattended in vehicles were installed in all municipal parking lots. The permanent signs warn that heat can kill animals left in parked cars, and also remind us that it is illegal in Vermont to endanger them. They were strategically placed on all park-and-pay kiosks in town. They're visible from various vantage points,

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Pet owners and their blinders of entitlement

“Get away from my car, you f-ing a-hole! I don't need any information! I love my dogs!” That was the reaction of an elderly woman in Palm Springs, Calif., when offered printed educational information on the risks to her two small dogs that she left alone in her car while she shopped for groceries for over an hour. “These people are interfering with my right to live my life the way I choose!” So screamed an angry dog owner at...

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Spreading the word about assistive devices

Greetings, Vermonters! As a deaf person and former Vermonter, I just received a letter from Vermont Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program (VTEDP) inquiring if I need new or upgraded telephones or computers (including laptops and tablets) to assist me. They encourage recipients of their program's equipment benefits to share this information with others with hearing loss who may benefit from the program. I am passing this along so you might share it with those who might be interested in this service...

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Volunteers keep pets cool

For anyone surveying the national landscape on animal cruelty, it is easy to fall into near despair. The cases of heinous animal torture and abuse - and the incidents of unintentional cruelty as well - seem to be becoming only more horrifying and more wanton. Worse, while blogs and Facebook pages reveal a systemic and dark reality for animals in our society, our wealthiest and most prestigious animal “protection” organizations and their top leaders are far too often the topic...

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