Casey Deane

Against taxpayer money going to private schools

I do not want tax dollars going to private institutions to serve a select group of citizens/students.

Many private schools are quality learning environments with caring individuals leading classrooms and institutions. However, they are in essence, if not by design, gated communities - not all students are welcome or accepted, and some who are accepted are kicked out for grades or behavior, even in open-enrollment schools.

Tax dollars should not fund conditional acceptance to an educational community based on ability to pay or perceived intelligence. Educational funds are to equalize society, not stratify or sort.

The inequity propagated by private schools is built into their structure. Private institutions do not need to meet the requirements set by the state Agency of Education: standardized testing, special education laws, required days in session, teacher and administrator licensure, and busing students (a significant problem for many students without family cars and parental time to transport) ,etc.

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First, do no harm

Such an important piece of journalism for our community. Thank you. As a teacher and yoga teacher, I feel it is of paramount importance that we do no harm, that we check for readiness in any task and confirm that permission is granted, and that clarity of what the...

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