Jeffrey LaFlamme

Christ helps carry the burden of same-sex attraction

I would like to sincerely offer another view regarding same-sex marriage and homosexuality.

I am 52 yrs. old, born and raised in Brattleboro. I was baptized at St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church when I was 17 days old, confirmed at 16, and an agnostic before I was 18.

I left the church and my faith soon after for 30-plus years to live a homosexual lifestyle, a self-absorbed life of drinking, drugging, partying, countless anonymous sexual encounters, numerous failed same-sex relationships, fornication, and bondage to an addiction to pornography.

I thought the Catholic Church hated me and that God had condemned me so I might as well enjoy myself. I searched everywhere for meaning, fulfillment of the void that was in me. I tried becoming a Wiccan, followed Buddha, read up on Taoism, and took up yoga, Hinduism, and chanting but nothing satisfied the thirst I had or caused me to change my egotistical, selfish, and materialistic desires. Only by the grace of God am I still alive and healthy.

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