Selma Schiffer

'Got it all wrong'

Kate Casa's headline in your paper got it all wrong - so surprising for someone who claims to be a journalist.

Does she not remember several attempts by Arabs to bomb Israel out of existence? Was it not in 1948, when the first attempt was made, that leaders of the Muslim community told all the Palestinians in Jerusalem to leave their homes for several days because they were going to bomb Israel away? Remember, they were on Hitler's side.

History is important, my friends.

Seventy-five years later, we are in dire times when Hamas enters Israel and massacres and takes hostage citizens of several countries, because they want every Jewish person in the world to be dead. Why?...

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Recognizing generosity of Lions and Rotary clubs

I just needed to give big, big shout-out to the Wilmington, Vermont caring community. I received a most generous holiday gift from the Deerfield Valley Lions with help from the Rotary Club of Deerfield Valley and the Readsboro Lions Club. Such generosity deserves recognition. It also does make we...

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Biden/Harris: The opportunity to set country onto the road to recovery

The media has just reported that Vermont and Hawaii are the only states in the Union not seeing a coronavirus surge. We also tied with Missouri as the two top states in the union that best handled this pandemic crisis that is a daily challenge to all of us.

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Middle East events are complicated geopolitical issues, not a right-wing Zionist conspiracy

I was startled to read Joel Doerfler's Viewpoint. It is good to have all kinds of views presented, and so I have to respectfully state my view: that this column is nothing but veiled anti-Semitism. I cannot go on at length about this because of personal tragedy in my family. So, I would like to direct readers to “The Progressive Assault on Israel,” a column written by Bret Stephens, a conservative Republican, in The New York Times (Bret Stephens) on...

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Lumping people together does not help children understand complex truths

Children need truth. In a perfect world, they will be able to begin to experience truth in a safe school environment where facts are fairly presented in historical context. In her letter addressing attention to a problematic presentation by a Palestinian speaker at the Academy School and the Brattleboro Area Middle School, Patricia Sheehan seems to lump all members of the Brattleboro Area Jewish Community into believing Netanyahu's policies are acceptable. I resent that. And, let me pose something to...

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Let’s dispense with the faux handwringing over the Palestinians

Here are two things I agree with in Laura Perlstein's Viewpint: Criticism of Israel does not amount to anti-Semitism, and that the lessons of the Holocaust are also lessons in human dignity and a respect for life. But it is hard for me to reconcile some of her other statements particularly as it relates to history. She is a teacher and librarian, and I am surprised her research and learning is so limited. How stunning it is for me to...

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‘It’s a complicated situation, isn’t it?’

Nicole Awwad, in her Viewpoint, calls for peace and justice, and who can fault such lofty aspirations? Thankfully, we here can exercise those beliefs at the ballot box - unlike her father, who could not when he left Lebanon those so many years ago. Did Ms. Awwad learn that the ballot box is a phantom when she returned to Lebanon three years ago? She says she now knows that country's history and still asks, “I began to wonder: Where would...

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