Nichael Cramer

Use of funds for library project approved by voters, not two Selectboard members

I'd like to correct a misstatement that appeared in the article concerning the recent revote on (and subsequent recension of) the funding plan related to the proposed expansion of the Guilford Free Library.

The article contained an interview with an individual who favored overturning the original vote. The individual presented his arguments in a well-formed and thoughtful way.

However, he then went on to say, “[T]he people who made the decision to use that money were only two people, Selectboard Chair Richard Wizansky and Town Administrator Peder Rude. How did they get to be the ones to decide that?”

I think it worth pointing out that this issue was not decided by Wizansky and Rude. Rather, the proposed action was, in fact, approved by the majority of voters who participated in the original vote on Town Meeting Day in March.

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Bike rider was all but invisible

On Wednesday, May 30, at about 2 p.m., I was driving east on Route 121 between Saxtons River and Athens when I saw a strange object approaching in the oncoming lane. Once I was close enough - a couple hundred yards - I eventually recognized that it was a...

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