Emilie Kornheiser

‘I’m committed to this promise of good government and our collective project of deliberative democracy’

Thank you for the incredible community support and the opportunity to serve our corner of Brattleboro for another two years.

These last few years have changed us, and it is up to us to let those changes be towards progress. The pandemic taught us the power of effective government, the power of saying no, the power of sending resources directly to the people who need it.

I'm committed to remembering these lessons as we enter the next biennium. Freedom is about more than making a living; it's also about having time to show up for a neighbor, take a loved one to the doctor, attend a parent-teacher conference, retire in dignity, or attend a community meeting.

When we go all in for all of us, we can make this a place we're proud to call home with the world-class schools, affordable health care, and community services our families need.

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Pandemic shows our vulnerabilities

As COVID-19 wore on, more was revealed to each of us - about our own needs, the needs of our neighbors, and the needs of our communities. Taxes provide the resources to repair these cracks.

Monday, May 17, was Tax Day. I know the topic of taxes can spark strong reactions in Vermonters, yet taxes pay for things we like and share such as libraries, schools, roads, and trash collection, and they are a valuable tool for closing the wealth gap. Taxes are part...

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Kornheiser thanks Windham-2-1 voters

The results are in! Thank you. I am so honored to have the opportunity to keep working with this community and in this nation, so we can someday say that government is truly for us and by us. In Brattleboro (and across the country), we saw record voter turnout...

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Standing in solidarity

I want to start this rally by thinking of the hundreds of marches across the country. We're here today to stand in our power in the final days before the election. To remember that it's not just about the two people on the ballot. That the future of this country sits with each of us. Today, while we stand here in solidarity, there are women all over the state checking in ballots as town clerks, there are women running for...

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