Dianne Clouet

‘Throughout her life, her beauty glowed like that of her namesake’

‘The grief and addiction that Jonquil Clouet Boyle suffered did not diminish her generosity, curiosity, or capacity to love, and that takes remarkable tenacity. She kicked ass until the very end.’

Jonquil Clouet Boyle, 30, of Brattleboro, beloved daughter of Dianne Clouet and Kenneth Boyle and cherished sister of Eleanor Cautela-Clouet, died suddenly of an accidental overdose after a four-year struggle with heroin use.

Jonquil was born in New York City on April 23, 1991, and she died in New Orleans on April 29, 2021. She grew up in Brattleboro, and the town was often her home base as a young adult.

She was named after an ephemeral spring flower and throughout her life, her beauty glowed like that of her namesake. She could illuminate any space with a cheeky nose wrinkle and the clever mischief dancing in her eyes.

Jonquil was sweet, wild, and snarky from the beginning. She had a creative imagination and a genuine kindness and curiosity for all living creatures.

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