Theresa Wood

Colleague endorses Stuart

As a member of the House Human Services Committee, I have worked on issues regarding public health, human services, social and economic security. I have seen firsthand how many Vermonters struggle to make ends meet every day. I know how important it is that we have experienced, passionate, and capable lawmakers to assist Vermont citizens. State Representative Valerie Stuart is one of them.

I have served in the statehouse with Valerie for three years and have been impressed by how genuinely she cares for all Vermonters. Valerie is full of incredible energy, and as a legislator, she channels every bit of that energy into working for the benefit of those she represents.

More importantly, Valerie's greatest ambition is to improve the well-being of her constituents. The compassion and genuine caring she exhibits helps to make Vermont a better place for all citizens.

I urge all voters in Brattleboro's first district to cast your ballot for Valerie Stuart in the Democratic primary on Aug. 14 and again in November. I also urge you to encourage your friends and families to vote during this election. Our participation in the democratic process is more vital than ever before. Help to make Vermont a place where all citizens thrive - please support Representative Valerie Stuart.

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